• $440.00

Gigi Gold Snake Effect

by Rachel Simpson

The Gigi design is a less vintage version of Ginger, which had joined the collection a few years earlier and continues to be a really popular style. Ginger has a true Twenties look, and a lot of customers wanted something slightly less ‘vintage’ looking, but in the same gorgeous metallic leather. That said, Gigi is still very reminiscent of a bygone era- mainly due to the classic shape at the front of the shoe (pop into any vintage store and you’re likely to see that scalloped shape detail). However, this was mixed up a bit by putting most of the panels in a snakeskin-effect leather, and this gave the shoe a slightly more rock ‘n’ roll edge than if we’d done it all in the plain gold (think Studio 54). Having an ankle strap rather than a t-bar gives Gigi a more modern look but still offers great support, meaning that Gigi is a really easy shoe to wear.

Gigi is quite a favourite with the Rachel Simpson design team, and they pretty much always pack a pair when travelling as it’s the perfect ‘going out’ shoe, but at the same time can be worn for a meeting or daytime event with a skinny jean or cropped trouser. It’s glam and sexy without being over the top, and guarantee their comfort after wearing them for many a long day at a trade show! If you want to make it more of a statement shoe you can add a shoe clip to the centrepiece.

Heel Height: 9cm

There are two handbags which work perfectly with Gigi, The Layla Gold  Leather bag and the Coco gold leather clutch.

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