• $430.00

Ginger Gold Dancing Shoes

by Rachel Simpson

Ginger is without doubt one of the most signature styles, having been in the collection for several years. It has all the elements of a classic Rachel Simpson shoe. The t-bar, the vintage style, the wearable heel, and the lovely soft leather. Inspiration for the design came from the dancehalls of the 1920s, think Charleston, drop-waist dresses, feathers in your hair. Although she was more of the thirties/ forties phenomenon, the name comes from the infamous Ginger Rogers, who danced her way into history on the arm of Fred Astaire. And that’s the feeling we wanted to create, that you could put Ginger on and practically dance your way along, whether that be down the aisle or just down the road to a party! It’s a timeless shoe that will last for years because it never really went out of style.

Ginger is a ridiculously comfortable shoe anytime. A lot of that is down to the fact that the front is made from a single piece of leather, so there are no naughty seams or joins to rub your foot. It could also be because the cutouts on the side make it a really light shoe- almost as if you’re not wearing them! Oh, and the gorgeously soft leather also helps by the time you’ve worn them a few times they’ll feel almost as comfy as your slippers! Happy dancing.

Heel Height: 8cm

To complete the look, we like to wear our Ginger shoes with the gorgeous Coco Gold Leather Clutch Bag

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