MARIA GOLD | Last Pair Size 40UK

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Maria Gold Dancing Shoes

by Rachel Simpson

Inspired by the glamour of the dance floor, with twenty four spaghetti straps which make up the front of the shoe this leather showstopper will make you feel like your on the set of dirty dancing.  Whilst the back may look a little complicated in all its strappiness, it’s actually remarkable simple to wear. The ankle straps are pre-looped so you can just pop your foot through and then pull both ends to tighten, wrapping any excess around your ankle before tying securely. You can wrap it once and tie a large floppy bow, or twice to create a cute double knot feature at the front, as shown on our model. However you decide to style it up, we know you’ll be super comfortable in a pair of Maria (as we said, it’s a bit of a favourite, we’ve tried), largely due to the cute little 7cm heel which is lower than you’d traditionally expect for such a glamorous shoe. Nobody puts baby in the corner. 


Available for immediate shipping from Sydney Warehouse.

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