• $220.00


by Rachel Simpson

Mimi is the only remaining shoe from the Rachel’s very first collection, and has been around since the brand launched over ten years ago! We like to think this proves that the design is pretty timeless, and love the feeling that Mimi has been part of so many weddings and special occasions over the years. The teardrop shape on the front of the shoe has become something of an iconic Rachel Simpson motif, and you can see it featured on a number of her designs. With Mimi, we love the way the binding on the side panels actually loops through the teardrop- so simple yet so utterly effective. The subtle pleats coming out from the centre also add a bit of texture to the otherwise classic ivory satin. The t-bar strap is made from gold leather, but it’s more of a white gold than yellow so can look pretty silver in certain lights. This makes Mimi really versatile as you can wear them with either gold or silver accessories. This classic style works particularly with lace and vintage style dresses, but being such an understated design also makes it simple enough to compliment most outfits.

Mimi definitely has a vintage influence- the t-bar shape and almost dance shoe silhouette a definite nod to Rachel’s love of the twenties and thirties. We’d love to tell you a long story about the inspiration behind Mimi’s design, but the truth is it was one of the very first shoes Rachel drew when she started her own label, and the idea was just kind of ‘there’. Like Isabelle and Mimosa, the design took several attempts to perfect on paper, and more than one prototype sample before everything was 100% right, but the perseverance most definitely paid off and all three remain bestsellers today.

Heel Height: 8cm

We rather like pairing Mimi with our timeless Coco gold leather clutch bag

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