• $440.00

Mimosa Rose Gold

by Rachel Simpson

The Mimosa shoe is one of the most pinned shoes on Pinterest, and most featured on Instagram.  To think it has been such an important part of so many special days over the years is something we feel is very amazing.

Like Mimi, the inspiration behind Mimosa is something of a mystery. It has definite undertones of art deco, the teardrop-shaped pieces at the front seemingly creating the iconic fan shape. However many people liken it to the wings of a butterfly or the petals of a beautiful flower and there is undeniably a natural influence at work too. The truth is, Rachel herself isn’t sure- the idea was just there, so perhaps it’s a combination of all the things she loves, all bundled up together in one adorable shoe.

One of the more practical reasons Mimosa is such a hit is down to it’s incredible fit- whether your feet are big or small, wide or narrow we’re pretty sure this iconic style will not only fit but also flatter, and the only problem you’ll have is taking them off!

To complete the look, pair with the beautiful Mia Rose Gold Leather Clutch Bag.

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