• $280.00

Quartz Glitter Clutch

by Rachel Simpson

Quartz is the newest addition to Rachael Simpson's bag family and quite frankly it is beautiful. A stunning high shine metal box frame outlines the multi-faceted rose quartz glitter, resulting in a bag that manages to be fun and high end at the same time. Small but effective, the unique Quartz bag adds a distinct designer statement to your outfit, whether you’re getting married, gliding down the read carpet or simply going out for a few cocktails. It’s one of those statement accessories which can make a whole new outfit, just by dressing up your faithful little black dress or jumpsuit. What we really love is the glitter itself- not quite pink, not quite gold, it’s difficult to fully capture it in a photo.


After creating the sparkling Mimosa Quartz, we wanted a bag to match but the Mia bag which compliments the Mimosa family didn’t work with the glitter fabric, as you can’t have raw edges like you can with leather. We also wanted to try and avoid the glitter snagging against your clothing as much as possible. A few months beforehand, we’d sampled a new box bag shape and this was sitting in the studio amongst other new development samples. During a design meeting one day we looked at combining this with the glitter fabric, and there it was- the perfect combination. The high shine metal really frames the glitter and we love the way the clasp works too. The shape is somewhat compact and bijou but there’s enough space to fit the essentials, just maybe not the kitchen sink.

Wear with Mimosa Quartz Shoes for the ultimate statement pairing.

Colour : Rose Gold

Material: Glitter

Lining: Fabric

Dimensions: 18cm x 10cm


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