Block Heel Wedding & Evening Shoes

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Look no further than DÉSEO’s stylish range of bridal block heels for the perfect shoes to complement your wedding dress. Our selection, featuring hand-crafted European designs, has been curated to ensure almost every bride will find something they love. Take your pick from styles featuring elegant ankle ties, gold applique, glam sparkles and floral heel embellishments. Colour-wise, whether you’re after pastels, ivory or bold shades we’ve got options for you.

Our block heel wedding shoes are not only super stylish, they’re also incredibly practical and give you extra stability if you are not used to wearing a classic heel. Our range features heels starting from a modest 5cm up to 10cm. You may wish to select a 10cm heel for yourself and a lower heel (or flats), whatever your choice we have you covered.

A selection of DÉSEO’s classic ivory range of block heel bridal shoes can be dyed to suit your colour preference. Choose from more than 150 colours and take advantage of our ‘try before you dye’ service, for a small fee. For more information on dyeing options, check out our FAQs.

Once you’ve settled on the perfect colour, select from our range of dyeable ivory clutches to get an exact colour match to your shoes.


Why Choose Block Heel Wedding Shoes?

We’re glad you asked because there’s a couple of really good reasons to opt for block heels. 

Firstly, if you have your heart set on heels as opposed to flats, block heels offer a degree of comfort which stilettos just can’t match. This is because stilettos concentrate your entire weight onto a very small point of your heel; whereas, block heels distribute your weight over a much broader area. Block heels therefore provide greater comfort and stability than stilettos while reducing the toll on your ankles and leg muscles. What this means is you can wear the same pair of shoes for the entire event; block heels will support you while standing at the ceremony and offer stability and freedom when dancing at the reception. 

The second reason for choosing block heels is that their practicality and stability means they won’t just be a one-off special occasion shoe. Rather, you’ll want to wear them again and again. As we mentioned above, a selection of DÉSEO’s ivory block heels can be dyed almost any colour under the sun for your wedding day. However, you may opt for traditional ivory-coloured heels for your special day; then, after the wedding we can dye them to a more low-maintenance colour, or a colour that matches your everyday wear.