Wedding & Evening Peep Toe Shoes

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Long heralded as a fashion staple, the stunning designer open toe shoe is the perfect blend of feminine charm and classic elegance. As a popular choice that’s seen popularity across the ages, we pay homage to a range of designer peep toe shoes for sale online – perfect for evening or wedding wear.


Endless charm 

With a long history behind it, evening, designer and bridal peep toe shoes are timeless pieces that aren’t likely to gather dust in your wardrobe. Backed by versatile wear and the ability to be dressed up or down, these designs are a mix between cheeky, flirty and sophistication. Take your kicks from the runway, through to the aisle – al through our stunning range available for sale online.


How to wear your pair of designer open toe shoes

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, the best bit about these styles is that they can take you from casual to formal or play to corporate. Often the first choice for bridal and evening shoes, they’re designed to look elegant, but still, give you that little bit of exposure in the toe. Or if you are looking for something a little different please see our wedding closed toe shoes section.


We recommend ditching the stockings when flaunting your pair for the best results.


About Déseo 

Déseo is an award-winning business, born out quality designs and exceptional customer service. Since it’s inception in 2006, the company has committed itself to connecting the relationship between high heels, desire and pure temptation.


We believe we bring forward the most recognised brands across the globe, all into one central place. Explore our evening and bridal options – curated to give you the very best in the field.


As Australia’s first company to solidify an in-house team dedicated to bridal/evening footwear and handbags, we stock only the finest quality designs.