Size Guide

Shoe Size Guides

DÉSEO's shoes come in European, American and UK sizes. Unfortunately there is no a standard conversion between sizes and even the same size from different brands fit differently. The length of the shoe is not a good estimation either as the perfect fitting depends on the length of the foot, the position of the ball of the foot and the width of the foot, which means two feet with the same length may need different sizes.

We have tried to describe the shoes as best we can so please pay attention to the description of each style. For example if we describe a shoe as having a generous fitting and your foot is slightly narrow you may need half a size less than your regular fitting however if your foot is slightly wide then your regular size will fit you nicely.

Please note that getting your regular size from casual or sport shoes, or even from comfort dress shoes, is not very accurate as they tend to be wider and run their own sizes. Try to find out the size from a proper dress shoe you have at home.

AMERICAN SIZES - From our experience in fitting brides successfully for many years, we have found that the American sizes we carry don’t have a significant variation from what customers call Australian sizes. In fact they are similar:

​US 4 ​  US 5 ​  US 6 ​  US 7 ​  US 8 ​  US 9 ​  US 10 ​  US 11 ​  US 12
​AU 4 ​  AU 5 ​  AU 6   ​AU 7   ​AU 8 ​  AU 9 ​  AU 10 ​  AU 11 ​  AU 12

UK SIZES – UK sizes are normally two sizes below Australian sizes:

​UK 2   ​UK 3 ​  UK 4   ​UK 5   ​UK 6   UK 7   ​UK 8   ​UK 9 ​  UK 10
​AU 4   ​AU 5 ​  AU 6 ​  AU 7   ​AU 8 ​  AU 9 ​  AU 10 ​  AU 11   ​AU 12​

EUROPEAN SIZES – This is the hardest conversion as every country and factory in Europe use their own way to label sizes. A size 36 in Spain may not be the same as a size 36 in Italy or France. If you have European shoes please note it is more accurate to be guided by the AU or USA sizing on that shoe, instead of the European sizing.

EU 35 EU 36 EU 37 EU 37.5 EU 38 EU 38.5 EU 39 EU 40 EU 41 EU 42 EU 43
AU 5 AU 6 AU 6.5 AU 7 AU 7.5 AU 8 AU 8.5 AU 9 AU 9.5 AU 10 AU 11


The right heel height is especially important for brides so please be mindful of the following:


Different manufacturers measure heels in different ways. To be consistent, the heel measurements provided on our site are all taken on the side from the centre to end of heel based on an AUS size 7 shoe. This way of measuring the heel gives you a better estimation about how tall you are going to be.


The height measurement of the heel is not a completely accurate indication of how tall that shoe will make you for several reasons.

* The height that a pair of heels will give you depends on the pivot point of your foot. Stand on your tiptoes as high as you can and you’d be doing very well to get anything over 3.25 inches. This is the maximum height a thin-fronted pair of pumps will make you even if they are adverstised as 4.5 inches. Standing in your peep toes will give you an idea of how high the back of your heel is raised, and is not an actual indication of the real rise in the height you obtain. The only way to get a height over 3.5 inches is having a shoe with a platform on the front.

* The heel height measurements vary with the shoe size. Heel heights are actually determined by the size of the shoe. The larger the shoes, the larger the actual heel height - essentially the heel height becomes proportionally higher. For instance, if one were to order a woman's formal shoe in size 6 (with a heel height of 1 inch), the heel height on a size 11 shoe (in the same style) would be approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch higher to accommodate for the size difference.

* The final height will also depend on your posture, size and the shoe’s fit.

OUR ADVICE: The only way to know how tall you will be is to try on the actual shoes. As a rough estimation you can take off half an inch from the heel measurements we provide and accept that the actual heel will be slightly smaller or larger depending on your shoe size. Ideally you should take the wedding shoes to your fitting to make sure the hem length is adjusted while you’re standing in the shoes. 

Kindly note that this is a guide only. DÉSEO will not accept any responsibility for small discrepancies in the heel heights. If you are unsure then please e-mail via our Contact us page for some advice.