Dye Studio FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on Shoe & Handbag Dye Service

Is the colour of dyed shoes permanent?

Dyed colour will spot and streak if subjected to moisture. On rainy days we recommend that dyed shoes be worn indoors only. Shoes maybe treated with a protective spray which will help prevent most water spotting but it will not make the shoes totally waterproof. We recommend to spray the shoes every few wears and to avoid wet surfaces especially wet grass.

Can I wear my dyed shoes in the grass?

It would be better to avoid this. We recommend to all our brides to have a second pair of cheap shoes to wear for the photos taken in places with grass as it is the easiest way to ruin your lovely bridal shoes whether they've been dyed or not. The grass stains will never go and dyed shoes may bleed if the water in the soil saturates the fabric.

Do the shoes shrink when you dye them?

No, our dyed shoes do not shrink. We only use certified dyeable shoes. Real dyeable shoes have an internal waterproof layer which stops the water colour penetrating into the shoe. Satin shoes which are not certified dyeable may shrink and become really hard after dyeing them.

How do I clean my dyed shoes?

Dyed shoes cannot be cleaned. The best way to keep your shoes as new is to spray them with a fabric protector every few wears.

I cannot decide which colour to choose from the colour chart, can I order more than one?

Yes you can order as many colour swatches as you want, however please note that a small fee applies for each extra swatch.

Can I get my money back if I decide not to dye the shoes after receiving the swatches?

The dye fee is non refundable due to the cost involved in making the dye mix and preparing the swatches in the same fabric as your shoes.

If I choose the service to dye to match colour swatch, will the colour be a perfect match?

Please appreciate that custom dyeing shoes to match your dress is an art - the dyes are mixed by hand by our colourist and it is quite time consuming to achieve the right shade. There is no magic formula to get the exact shade just a good eye and knowledge about colours. When custom dyeing shoes it is not possible to get a perfect colour match due to the textural differences between the shoe fabric and the dress material. The fact is that every person sees colours differently and the light affects the way colour is seen. We can ensure that they will be dyed properly to blend as close to the hue and depth of colour as humanly possible.

Will the colour of dyed shoes look the same under different lighting?

No. The colour of dyed shoes will vary at different times of the day and under indoor, outdoor and artificial lighting. DESEO's colour matching is carried out indoors under natural daylight. Satin material experiences the greatest colour variance due to the reflectiveness of the material in contrast to silk or viscose satin.

How long will it take to dye my shoes?

The dyeing process can take up to 2 weeks. If you order is urgent, we offer an express service which will be posted 3 days from the order (fee applies). Please note that these are our best estimated timeframes.

Will my dyed shoes be flawless?

Please appreciate that the shoes are hand painted and little imperfections in the fabric may cause the shoes to absorb the colour slightly differently to the stitching, pleating and fabric adornments. Also note that satin sometimes has glue which is invisible to the human eye but may become visible when dyed as it stops the dye being absorbed into the fabric. In general the shoes will look stunning and the little imperfections are only noticeable if you look at the shoes very closely.​


For more information, visit our Dye Service Terms & Conditions page.