Dye Service Terms & Conditions


Dyed shoes and handbags are not entitled to a refund or exchange. The dye fee is not refundable should you decide not to dye the items after receiving the swatches for approval. If you are not sure about what service to use or whether or not you want to dye your shoes, please just purchase a colour swatch first or contact us for more information. Please note that the price of the swatch is not subsequently deductible from the shoe dye service fee should you decide to go ahead with a dye service. A 5% variation in colour may occur between the colour swatch provided and the final dyed shoes.

The colour of dyed shoes will vary at different times of the day and under indoor, outdoor and artificial lighting. DÉSEO colour matching is carried out indoors under natural daylight. Satin material experiences the greatest colour variance due to the reflectiveness of the material in contrast to silk or viscose satin.

Please note that dyed shoes may bleed or stain when placed in contact with water or moisture. We will treat the shoes with a special fabric water resistant protector, which will prevent most of the stains, but it will not make the shoes totally waterproof. The spray doesn’t guarantee the colour fastness either. Due to the natural moisture in the skin, the hand dyed colour may initially get transferred slightly onto the skin, similar to what happens when wearing a new pair of jeans. We recommend that you purchase the fabric protector spray and treat your shoes every few wears and to avoid wet surfaces especially wet grass. Once treated with this spray the shoes cannot be re-dyed at a later date.

Whilst our colour matching is performed professionally with the utmost of care, custom dyeing shoes is an art and there is no such thing as an absolute perfect match due to the textural differences between the fabrics. Colours represent themselves differently and the light affects the way colour is seen which can differ by person to person. Our expert colourist will match the colour as close as humanly possible.

Silk is a natural fabric, so when shoes made of silk are dyed they can show tonal variations due to the natural knots of the fabric retaining more colour.

When dyeing shoes made of lace, the lace layer will dry lighter than the rest of the shoe. The colour swatch provided is made of the fabric underneath the lace.

Sequins or beading will not be affected by dyeing but embroidery stitching, elastics, pleating and fabric adornments like flowers and bows, may cause the dye to dry a slightly different shade of colour to the main body of the shoe.

Please don’t expect your dyed shoes to be flawless as they are painted by hand. Dyed shoes may present imperfections especially in the areas where glue has been used to join the different parts of the shoes. This normally happens in the sole and the heel edges as the glue will prevent the dye penetrating the fabric. The dye may penetrate some of the inside areas made of soft suede like the back of the shoes or leather soles as these materials absorb the dye. All these little imperfections are normally in areas that cannot be seen once you put the shoes on your foot.

Please note that all our dye times are estimates only and it may take a little bit longer during busy periods or under unforeseen circumstances. If you need to get your shoes dyed urgently please contact us so that we can try to accommodate your requirements. A fee applies for an EXPRESS dye service.