Cheap wedding shoes? Don’t even think about it!

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Weddings is an expensive event. Whether you decide to have an intimate ceremony or an extravagant gathering, you have to spend quite a hefty amount on the arrangements for a wedding. But spending all that money can give the bride and groom quite a few mini heart attacks. And that more often than not leads to a hunt for ways to cut costs. Now while trying to save money at your wedding is probably the right thing to do, it can often lead people to really unwise choices. And one of the most common of those truly rash decisions is scrimping on the wedding shoes.


pair of cheap wedding shoes 


Buying cheap wedding shoes is a recipe for disaster. You might think that nobody is going to notice your shoes when you will be in a mesmerizing silky attire, but we are afraid you are gravely mistaken. Your shoes are equally as important a part of your entire look as your outfit. Attendees of a wedding generally like to eyeball the marrying couple from head to toe. And when that happens at your wedding while you have cheap shoes on, you will be embarrassed out of your mind.


Aside from having the inevitable awkward interactions with the guests, cheap wedding shoes can also put you face to face with a number of predicaments that will only add to your embarrassment. You must be thinking what kind of predicaments we are talking about, continue reading to find out.


The Untimely Separation of the Heel and Sole

Also known as the Cinderella. The heading may seem a little too dramatic, but we had to add theatrics to emphasize the gravity of the matter. A cheap pair of wedding shoes is predisposed to breaking because it is constructed with low-quality materials. Imagine walking down the aisle and snap! Your high heels breaks away from your shoe. Now, wouldn’t that be mortifying? And even if you are not the kind of person who cares about what other people think, you do not want to have any mishaps at your wedding. Therefore, don’t even think about skimping on your wedding shoes. It’s your wedding; you don’t have to compromise on anything!


The Klutzy Gait

Wearing a cheap pair of sandals to your wedding can impact the way you walk significantly. You want to have the most elegant tread on your wedding day. You don’t want to end up plodding like a baby penguin. And okay, maybe penguins look cute walking ungainly but you will not. Therefore, don’t take any chances. Buy the most stylish and exclusive pair of wedding shoes for yourself so that you walk down the aisle with utmost grace on your big day.


Meeting the love of your life and getting to be their spouse is not something that happens every day. Your wedding is an exquisite occasion, treat it like that and don’t compromise on things to save a few bucks. You have the rest of your life to save money, do it later. But for your wedding don’t settle for anything other than the best!

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