Wedding Flats are a bride’s best friend.

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There are many decisions one must make when planning and preparing for their wedding day. Believe it or not, shoes play a very critical role in the many decisions you will make. Ever heard of the saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend? At Deseo, we believe flats are a girl’s best friend, especially on your wedding day. Bride’s will tell you; the most difficult part of the day is being in heels all day. At the end of the day, your shoes really do complete your outfit and there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on your wedding day, particularly when there is an easy fix. Switch those heels out for a pair of flats, you won’t regret it. Always prioritise comfort.


Why are wedding flats so popular with brides? 

Most the time when we buy a new pair of heels, we don’t wear them in because we are afraid of damaging them before the big day. We tend to get taller heels because we know taller means better, right? Wrong. You definitely don’t want your ankles snapping when your husband of a few hours decides to twirl you on the dancefloor, or you step on something unstable on the floor while walking down the aisle, or posing for the perfect shot. Not to mention how uncomfortable heels are. When choosing a shoe to complete your outfit, more and more brides are taking into consideration comfort which is why you see more brides wearing flats. Brings are also purchasing a pair of flats for the day because it saves them from packing a second pair that they normally would have for their reception.


How to pick the right bridal flats for my wedding? 

There are many different options of elegance and class when it comes to bridal flats, be sure to shop around before deciding. We have a few tips before picking the right pair of flats for your special.


  1. Get your dress first

Sometimes when shopping around we do fall in love with a pair of shoes before completing our outfits and try to match our shoes to our outfits. Do not do this with your bridal outfit. You want to make sure your shoes really do complete your outfit, not the other way around. Bring your shoes to your fittings, this will clear any doubts you may possibly have.


  1. Colour or white?

Depending on your dress and what style you’re going for will ultimately come down to you individually. Many brides have purchased shoes with pops of blue for their ‘something blue,’ it is also a good way to incorporate some colour into your outfit if that’s what you want.


  1. Set a budget

Like most things when planning a wedding, set a budget for your flats. This will help narrow down what you really want, but don’t cheap out on the most important item that completes your outfit. Have a browse through our shop to see what suits you.


  1. A low heel

Not all heels are stilettos, if you want comfort and to elongate your legs, you can also find the perfect heel in our collection. We cater to all your ‘flat’ or ‘low heel’ needs.


We do suggest to wear in your shoes before the wedding day, this will ensure you ultimate comfort and ease of having the best day of your life. At the end of the day your shoes are your preference, so whatever pair of flats you decide to go for, we at Deseo have a wide variety to help you complete your perfect outfit. We offer different styles, colours and types.

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