How to Plan a Wedding During the Holiday Period

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Holiday period weddings are, in fact, on the upswing. However, arranging a wedding on or near a major holiday presents a unique set of issues that couples must consider in order to ensure a seamless wedding. After all, organising a wedding for a time when the majority of your friends and family will be busy with their own traditions and customs is no easy task!

Here is a simple guide on how to plan a wedding during the holiday period.


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Save-the-Date Invitations

Save-the-dates should be given out six months in advance at a minimum, regardless of the wedding date. How many individuals are actually planning something much further off in the first place? Those closest to you will hear the news verbally and will already be aware of the date and upcoming invitations. 

Invitations should be issued eight weeks in advance, but you can extend that to ten weeks if you feel more comfortable doing so. With a holiday wedding, it's extremely necessary to send out a save the date.


Finalising the Guest List

If your wedding falls on a holiday, don't think that fewer people will show up. Consider New Year's Eve, which is one of those holidays when most individuals are unsure what to do. Having a wedding that night might be a great way to have a planned celebration. Some people do, however, travel throughout the Christmas season. You never know what might happen. Holiday weekends, on the other hand, such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, tend to be particularly popular. However, you need to plan these well in advance as most reception venues have new years patys and may require you to have a certain number of guests if they are willing to accommodate you.


Choosing a Location

Choose a place that can accommodate the maximum number of people you would like to invite. Also, don't assume that venues and vendors will be available on your selected day; availability varies depending on the time of year and region, so keep that in mind. It's also possible that prices will go up. Sometimes there are premiums associated with certain holiday weekends.


The Guests' Perspective

It is critical to provide information to guests in order for them to feel comfortable rather than harried because of a holiday wedding. It's critical to provide guests with as much information as possible to make their trip preparations convenient for them. Many couples are now building websites with exclusive details about the wedding, including a comprehensive travel log, lodging, weekend activities, and transportation information.


Vendor Management

Remember that if you choose to get married on or near a holiday, all of your reception staff will be working during that time, possibly sacrificing time with their own families. Make it clear what your weekend requirements are so that their teams can plan accordingly. 

Also, a nice note and gift thanking the vendors and caterers for their hard work in preparing your lovely event will be very appreciated!


Rest Is Essential

The holiday season should be the ideal time of the year to rest and relax. It is understandable that planning a wedding takes precedence over resting at times. However, it is still not the most significant factor. So, don't forget to get the rest you need for the big day of partying! Speaking of partying, make sure you have the right bridal shoes for this day as you are going to need it!



It's no surprise that more and more couples are choosing to have their wedding around Public Holidays, Christmas, and yes even New Year's Eve because of the festive ambiance, and time off from work that the holiday season brings. Everyone is looking for an excuse to party during these periods and a wedding is one of the best places to do that!

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