Your Wedding Shoes Don’t Have to be White

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Your wedding day is perhaps the most important day of your life, and every woman deserves to feel like a princess from a fairytale on this special day. It is important to have all the right accessories for your wedding, and we all know how difficult it is to look for the perfect jewellery, dresses, and wedding bands and photographers. It could drive any bride crazy! But you want to know what’s even more challenging? It’s finding the perfect pair of wedding bridal shoes to go with the dress. Now you might be thinking that finding a pair of ivory shoes matching your wedding dress is no big deal, but if you have a good sense of style and fashion, you’d know that your wedding shoes don’t have to be white just like your dress.


Shoes should be chosen for more reasons than merely complimenting your wedding gown. When shopping for the perfect glass slipper, consider what you'll be doing on your wedding day and how long you'll be on your feet.


 blue bridal shoes


Although it is customary for brides to match their shoes to their wedding gowns, it is not required to wear white shoes. Your shoes might be your "something blue," or you could choose a metallic pair that complements your jewellery or the ornamentation on your gown.


To add some shine and lustre to your attire, invest in a coloured pair of shoes that complement your gown. For example, you could get nude or silver for white dresses, in a metallic shade, such as white with silver, a peach-pink or light pink pair for a peach-coloured gown, or ivory with off-white and pale gold-coloured gowns.


Also, do wedding shoes make a difference? Whatever your priorities are, your wedding-day shoes will play a crucial role as you walk down the aisle. Yes, you must like them, but you must also want to wear them—often for extended periods of time that lasts over 15 hours. Allow that to sink in.


green wedding heels


Choose a shoe that complements your personality. The age of classic white bridal shoes with wedding high heels is not as important as it used to be. You can wear any sort of shoe to a wedding such as peep toe birdal shoes, sandals, or even sneakers for extra comfort! After all, it is your big day so you’re the one who gets to decide what you should or shouldn’t wear. The important thing to remember is that whatever colour you choose, it should complement your personality and reflect your style.


While white wedding shoes are gorgeous, they are not always required. Since you're the bride, you don't have to wear white shoes, unless you want to, of course!


pink bridal shoes


Take a look at some of Deseo's colour ranges. We have wedding shoe colours in:


You should always choose shoes based on what you want to wear, not what you believe you should wear. Don't be afraid to add a splash of colour or something that complements your personality. You are entitled to be comfortable, and your feet can still look lovely whether you are wearing high heels, bridal flats, or even boots.


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