Top 6 Tips for Wedding Shoe Shopping

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You probably have a long list of bridal accessories to shop for to have the perfect wedding day. One of the most challenging tasks is finding the most beautiful bridal shoes – a pair that matches flawlessly with your lovely gown. For some brides, it can be the ultimate fashion quest, whereas for others, it is all about comfort. Whatever your priorities are, at the end of the day, your wedding shoes will look great if you consider the following top 6 tips for wedding shoe shopping:



1. Find Your Dress First

Before you even stumble upon looking for shoes, make sure that you find your wedding dress first because you will need to match the colour contrast and the heel of the shoes with the hem of the dress. You obviously want the bridal footwear to compliment every aspect of the dress.


2. Always Buy Early

The very first golden rule of wedding shoe shopping is to always buy early. Collect a couple of pictures so that you have an idea in mind of the type of shoes you want. If you are planning on buying them online, shopping early is a great idea as the sizes often run out quickly.


3. Consider the Venue

Another important thing to keep in mind while buying wedding shoes is the venue. Are you planning on having an outside wedding in a garden or by the beach or an indoor wedding in a church or the plaza? Think about where you are having the wedding and buy the shoes that will be more comfortable to wear at the venue.


4. Invest In Quality

The quality of the shoes is just as important as comfort. You will feel more comfortable if you invest in a good quality shoe that has especially been designed for bridal wear. Brides often have to stand for long hours and even dance in their wedding shoes; therefore, make sure that the shoes remain intact and comfortable throughout the lovely ceremony.


5. Check the Heel Height

Another important thing to consider is the height of the wedding high heels. If you are used to wearing and walking around in high heels, then it shouldn't be an issue for you to buy high-heel shoes. However, you can also consider getting flat shoes if you don't feel comfortable in heels.


6. Focus On Colour and Style

The colour and style of your wedding shoes are more important factors to consider. Your bridal shoes give you the chance to really portray your personality and shine in front of the crowd. Try to get unique shoes that have a stylish trim and flare with the most beautiful bursting colours that compliment your dress. To make things more interesting, you could also get shoes that match the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses.


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