Choosing a Comfortable Shoe for Your Wedding Should Be Your Top Priority When Buying Bridal Shoes

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Bridal shoes easily qualify as one of the most important bridal accessories that every bride-to-be needs to get right on her wedding day. Yet, somehow, most of you lovely ladies end up getting this one wrong. Well, you should be aware that the most important factor to consider when buying your bridal shoes is comfort. The wedding ceremony can be a lengthy event, and you will probably be on your feet the entire time; comfortable bridal footwear should be your top priority. You will not look pretty limping up the aisle, no matter how pretty those painfully uncomfortable heels may be. You also don’t want to be wincing in pain throughout your big day. You should be able to walk around freely, mingling with your guests, taking pictures, dancing, and enjoying your day.  Let’s go over some more reasons why you need to have comfortable bridal shoes for your wedding.


You Do Not Want to Be in Pain or Be Grumpy on Your Big Day

Your wedding day is busy and stressful anyway; you don’t want to deal with some additional trouble such as aching feet or blisters. This will only spoil your mood, and you’ll be cranky and irritable throughout your wedding day instead of enjoying it and having fun.

Think of what your wedding photos will look like with all those grumpy and cranky expressions.



You Don’t Want to Trip in Front of All Your Guests on Your Big Day

Uncomfortable footwear makes those clumsy twists and missteps all the more likely. You’ve probably watched those funny videos of people tripping and falling that get spread on social media. You’ve probably even had a good chuckle seeing someone topple over on their wedding day. Well, if you wear the wrong footwear, that can be you too. So lower your risk of tripping by wearing a pair of stable and comfortable bridal footwear.


You'll Have the Best Height Ratio

The typical 5-inch bridal high heels might make you look a bit too tall compared to your man. But with comfortable shoes such as pumps or flats, you’ll achieve the best height ratio for the wedding pictures, as any wedding photographer will tell you.


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You Can Dance Around and Have A Good Time

Who said the bride can’t have fun? After all, it is your big day; you’re the happiest lady at the event, and it should show. With comfortable bridal footwear on, you can dance around, mingle with your guests, and have a good time.


Some of the Comfortable Shoes You Can Try on Your Wedding

Comfort comes first when it comes to choosing your bridal footwear. Try the following options on your big day.


Open Toe Shoes

These are not your not usual kitten heels. The open toe shoes and the chic detailing on top enhance whatever bridal look you may be carrying on your big day. What’s more, they come with a cushioned foot-bed, of course.



White Candice Sandals

This low block style with a metallic looking exterior will make up for both your comfort needs as well as your need to make a fashion statement on your big day.


Wedding Flats

Yep, you read right! Flats! Something fashionably sparkly with a metallic-gold ribbed texture so you can dance all night in the flats while still appearing fashionable and dolled-up.

All in all, your comfort should be your primary concern when you’re out buying wedding footwear for your big day. Go for comfortable bridal footwear because they’re unique. As you know, not everyone wears flats at their wedding. Be the trend-setter.

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