Ideal Bridal Shoes for a Summer Wedding

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From finding the perfect venue to picking the wedding cake, there’s a lot to do when it comes to wedding preparations. While some of these activities may seem like a chore, choosing your bridal shoes is guaranteed to be fun. They are an important part of your final bridal look and the kind of shoes you select can make or break your final look on the big day.


This is why it is always a good idea to be super picky about your wedding shoes. Let’s take a look at what you can do to find the ideal shoes for your summer wedding.


Keep Your Style Consistent

You need to finalize your wedding dress before you can move on to choosing the shoes. Keep in mind that the ideal pair of shoes should go perfectly with your wedding dress. For instance, if you are going for a glam gown, look for elegant but showy shoes that will complement your wedding gown. If you opt for something plain like low heel sandals, you will probably end up with a mismatched look.


You can also look for design similarities between your shoes and dress to keep the style for the day even more consistent. For instance, if your gown has a floral design, shoes with flowers or floral designs are your best bet. 



Your Bridal Shoes Should Prioritise Comfort

Imagine a beautiful summer wedding. You look lovely as you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life with flowers leading your way. Everything’s perfect — just like you’ve always imagined — except that your shoes are killing your feet. Your uncomfortable shoes are making it harder to walk with every step. By the time you say “I do,” you can hardly think about anything else except how much you want to take off your shoes and throw them away!


That hardly sounds like a dream wedding. So, to make sure your shoes don’t ruin your wedding day, you need to prioritise comfort. Look for a pair that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Peep toe shoes fit this description as they are less likely to put less pressure on your toes as compared to closed shoes.


Avoid Sweaty Feet On Your Wedding Day

With a light summer breeze and the sun shining high in the sky, summer weddings seem to come straight out of a fairytale. However, the warm temperature also means you are likely to sweat more than usual, especially if you are wearing a heavy gown and closed shoes. Therefore, even if you have an indoor wedding in an air-conditioned venue, it is best to opt for shoes that will keep your feet fresh and odour-free. Look for shoes that are designed using breathable materials. Another option is to choose open shoes, like peep toe shoes, to allow for aeration.

Chic & Elegant Shoes

When we imagine a bride walking down the aisle, the first word that pops in mind is elegance. However, elegance doesn’t mean you have to stick with plain, white heels. Your wedding shoes should offer the perfect combination of style and grace.


Another thing to keep in mind is that summers are all about fun and colours. So, don’t hesitate to opt for colours apart from white. Rose, gold, silver, and beige are some of the favourite colours for bridal shoes. As long as the design and colour go with your dress, feel free to look beyond white when it comes to picking ideal shoes for a summer wedding. 


Keeping the above discussion in mind, open shoes the ideal shoes for a summer wedding. They are generally comfortable, stylish, elegant, and allow for aeration - perfect to be worn at a wedding. Furthermore, open shoes come in various styles and designs, so you will be spoiled for choices.  Whether you opt for a fancy pair like Charlotte Rose Ankle Tie wedding Shoes or go for a simpler option like Ada Ivory Peep Toes to complete a vintage look, you just can’t go wrong with open shoes for your summer wedding. Check out the DESEO collection of wedding & evening peep toe shoes to find the wedding shoes of your dreams!

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