This Is Why Bridal Parties Are Best Kept Small

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With all the excitement that surrounds planning a wedding, it is easy to get a little ahead of yourself and make a huge list of guests and party planning ideas. And naturally, this need to have everyone attend your wedding might bleed over into your bridal party. However, having a large bridal party comes with a lot of challenges and consequences that you will only realise when it’s time to plan for the wedding. So, to save yourself from all that, you should consider having a small bridal party with only the most important people to celebrate your big day with you. Below are some of the reasons why having a small bridal party is more beneficial for you.

A small bridal party is easier to organise

Having a bridal party with your favourite people is great, especially if you don’t want to let a wedding planner handle everything for you. Plus, it is easy to have everyone organised and ready on time when it is a small ceremony.


Save time with a smaller bridal party

With fewer bridesmaids, you will be able to save a lot of time. It is easier to get your bridal party to stand together for pictures as well, and you don’t have to worry about everyone arriving on time. Besides, your actual wedding service will be a lot more enjoyable when you are surrounded by your close loved ones.


Also save money!

From transportation to buying bouquets and managing catering, weddings can be very expensive. And this is just a small percentage of the total cost. These small expenses can add up to become huge, and it’s difficult to think about these things in the middle of all the planning. A small bridal party will definitely contribute to some of this cost-saving, as you will have fewer people to spend on in terms of dresses, accessories which means more money to spend on bridal shoes of course!


The bride and groom should be the centre of attention at the wedding.

Having a large bridal party means less attention for the bride and groom because the attention is divided over the entirety of the bridal party. Having a small bridal party means that you rightfully stay the centre of attention – after all, it is YOUR big day.



Your wedding photos will turn out better with a small bridal party

Smaller bridal parties usually make for better pictures because the photographers also feel less overwhelmed while taking pictures. It becomes easier for them to include everyone in the portraits. You can even have singles and group photo sessions as there will be a lot more time.


More Flexibility

By having a small bridal party, you won’t have to worry about what everyone wants or thinks. You can't make everyone happy when it comes to choosing the members of your bridal party. Remember, it is your wedding so do what is best for you and what makes you happy on your special day.

The idea of having a small wedding is becoming increasingly popular these days especially with the current restrictions. Moreover, you can spend more on getting the best dresses and shoes since you will be saving a lot on a small bridal party.

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