Wedding Dress or Jeans - DESEO Shoes Are a Versatile Choice for Every Outfit

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Female footwear is complicated. It has to have style and durability, comfort, fineness and let's not forget versatile. But given the vast array of women's shoe styles, gone are the days when we used to classify them as wedding shoes and casual wear. Today, we have several different types that it can often leave us a little confused as to what's what and when a specific style of shoe should be worn. And this is precisely why versatility is a more important feature today than ever before. 

Of course, certain types of shoe styles are more appropriate for certain occasions, and specific styles of shoes will suit particular outfits more than others, today we highlight a Sydney store where you can find some of the finest shoes for all occasions.

Any guess?

You guessed it right. At Deso, you can find some of the most stylish and elegant wedding shoes that can be also worn on other occasions. Whether you are a bride-to-be or one of those elegant party attendees who want to ditch the stocking and flaunt about your new pair or a smart casual working woman, there is something for everyone at DESEO. Apart from the range of gorgeous bridal shoes, there is a lot more at the store.


jeans with black glittery heels


Designer Wedding Shoes

At DESEO, we choose our designers very carefully, so our valued clients get exactly what they deserve and even better. We ensure that we exceed your expectations while offering the right degree of comfort, fineness and versatility.


Open Peep Toe Shoes

Available in all sizes, several colours and designs, our open peep toe shoes have all the elements of style and comfort whether you take it to the wedding or a casual evening party and even to your workplace.


Block Heels

Some people prefer it thin, but others like the heels otherwise. For shoe shoppers who love block heels, we have several designs and colours that can complement any outfit.


Heels of Varying Lengths – Low, Medium and High

Whether you love high heels or want to play it safe with low heeled shoes, the gorgeous shoes with varying heel lengths are what women need to be on their feet all day.


Flat Womens Shoes

Are you someone who does not like heels? Do you want something that you can wear at your friend’s wedding but then again along with your favourite pair of jeans? Then our flat wedding shoes collection is for you. With our simple ivory shoes to the slightly embellished, stylish flat, any woman can feel relaxed with our flat collection.  


Closed Toe Wedding Shoes

Offering unparalleled elegance, closed-toe collection by DESEO can be a perfect addition to your shoe collection. 

black closed toe heels


Yes, even Dye-able Shoes! 

Yep, bridal shoe recolouring! Finding the exact matching shoes for that special outfit you purchased for a special occasion can be stressful, especially when it is a big day like your wedding. At DESEO, you can find the best quality, versatile shoes that you can get in your desired colour. Our exclusive dyeing studio offers more than 150 colours to choose from to make your special day a lot more unique.

To find out more about what DESEO has to offer, browse our wide range of shoes.

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