Choosing Quality Bridal Shoes with Rachel Simpson

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If any pair of shoes can change your life, it has to be your wedding shoes! The right pair not only complements your overall look, but it also offers maximum comfort. The heel and style should be just right, but you would want something that can support you on the dance floor without posing any problems.



How to Select the Right Bridal Shoes?

If you’ve already got your wedding gown, it goes without saying that your shoes should follow the theme reflected in your dress. If, however, you haven’t shopped for a dress yet, think about what you want to achieve with your new pair. The primary factors are the style and colour scheme. Think about whether you want your shoes in white or with bolder colons.


Also, you will also want to take into account the length of time you plan to wear them on the wedding day as well as comfort. Whether to go for heels or flats is entirely upon your preferences. In other words, the key to buying the right pair is to be confident with all those little details.


An important factor that’s often ignored is the venue of the wedding. Simply put, the form and function of the pair should be compatible with the wedding place. High heel shoes are not recommended for outdoor settings such as a beach or garden. They’re more suited for a church or ballroom wedding. Let’s take a look at one of the most sought-after shoe brands in the bridal fashion industry.


The Brand “Rachel Simpson”

When it comes to quality bridal shoes, who can forget the highly admired British brand Rachel Simpson? Established back in 2008, Rachel Simpson shoes are known for their recognisable signature style and unmatched design. Owing to its elegant wearable style and unmistakable comfort, it’s no wonder that the brand is the perfect option for any special occasion.


The shoes are designed at the company’s head office in the UK before being made by hand in its factory in Spain. Made from the highest quality leather, Rachel Simpson shoes are known to combine beauty with comfort.



The Designer

The mastermind lady behind the brand, Rachel Simpson, spent several years working at some high-profile shoe brands, but she always wanted to have her own business. She did design some wedding shoes, including that for her sister, but it wasn’t until she spotted a wide market gap that she finally decided to take the plunge.


When asked about what inspired her to develop this brand, she explained that some of this passion might have been inherited from her mother, who was interested in textiles and haberdashery. On a more serious note, she pointed back to the twenties and thirties era, sharing how everything from the age seemed to attract her.  She loved wedding photographs dating back to that era and every piece of wearable portrayed in them.


Her business idea was a combination of that vintage and the current shapes and trends so as to reach the best of both eras. This is the underlying gap she spotted in the fashion industry and looked forward to bridging it through her creativity. Also, she recognised that the market lacks high-quality shoes at affordable prices, so this is another area she wanted to tap into.


If you’re looking for a pair of bridal shoes, it has to be something that makes you look stunning on the wedding day. When exploring the different brands, check out the gorgeous Rachel Simpson shoes. It offers a wide range of products to choose from.

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