This is Why You Should Take A Pair Of Flats To Your Wedding

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While a man usually just puts on a formal suit or a tuxedo on his wedding day, a woman (in western cultures, at least) is expected to wear a white wedding gown, usually accompanied by bridal high heels. While heels can enhance the look of your entire outfit and make you look stunning and sophisticated, wearing heels for too long at a stretch is undoubtedly uncomfortable.

Here’s why you might just want to consider taking a pair of bridal flats shoes to your wedding day.


You want your wedding you have been looking forward to, to be just perfect.

Your wedding day is the day you look forward to for most of your life. It’s the day you and your soulmate make vows to be with each other for all eternity, in the presence of your close friends and family.

There is no other day quite as special or quite as beautiful as your wedding day. As such, it only makes sense for you to want to look your best on this day.

While it’s important to look good, you need to make sure that you don’t sacrifice your comfort in this attempt to look your best.

After the ceremony is over, you should be able to dance the night away with your new husband and with your friends and loved ones.

While you can do all that and more in heels, after a while, your feet are going to start to hurt, and you’re bound to get uncomfortable.

So why not take a pair of flats to your wedding? Whenever you get uncomfortable, or your feet start to hurt, you can switch shoes!

This way, you will be able to enjoy your big day without compromising on fashion or comfort!


Wedding Fashion Starts from Comfort

As a bride, of course, you want to look fashionable! However, it’s a common misconception that looking being fashionable has to come as the cost of your comfort.

In fact, if you look miserably uncomfortable throughout the event, you won’t even look that good to everyone else. Imagine limping away throughout your wedding dances only because the heels are making your feet hurt so much! Not at all a pretty sight to behold!

You can only truly ever look fashionable if you feel comfortable in your outfit. So why not take that pair of flats along with you, and change your bridal shoes as soon as you begin to feel uncomfortable?



Be yourself on your wedding day

Most brides get so caught up in trying to impress other people by how great they look on their wedding day that they forget to be themselves on the one day it actually matters!

Remember, years from now, no one else will even remember or care how you looked on your wedding day. The only person who will care is you. And you most likely won’t care about how you looked on your wedding day, either. You will, however, care about how you felt and whether or not you were happy and comfortable.

These were some reasons why you should consider taking a pair of flats to your wedding. Years later, when you think back to your wedding day, you want to remember being happy, not ‘fashionable.’ And who said flats can’t be fashionable?

As long as you wear them with confidence and grace, you can wear anything you want to your wedding. In fact, some brides even choose to wear sneakers underneath their gowns. It all comes down to who you are and what you are most comfortable in.

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