Best Shoes for a Winter Wedding

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Winter weddings can be magical when everything is blanketed in the sparkling snow. From outdoor weddings to indoor farmhouses, winter is the season of love. For a bride, making this day special means having the perfect dress, and of course, the perfect shoes to go with it.

Winter brides have a number of shoe options, from classic pumps to those shoes that provide a little more coverage and protection from the cold. However, whichever shoes the bride chooses, it’s ideal to avoid very high heels, especially if you have an outdoor wedding or photo session where the heel will start sinking into the grass.

Read on as we look at some of the most iconic bridal shoes, from bridal boots to rhinestones and feathers.


Classic White Pumps

If you’re a conventional bride and like a simple but classic look, then white, close toed shoes will be perfect for you (always with a medium heel). A silk finish will look great with your white dress.

The Ideal Match:  Amy Mid Ivory

Mesh Heels

If you have a lace dress or a gown embellished with pearls, stones, or something else, then mesh heels will help you complete your look. Whether it’s an embroidered white lace or mesh embellished with sparkles and pearls, your shoes will sparkle every time they catch the light.

The Ideal Match:

With Crystal Embellishment: Elsa Ivory

With Lace & Sparkles: Cora Bella Belle

With Lace & Sandal Straps: Anita Ivory

Bridal Boots

If your wedding is outdoors, or you just don’t like traditional heels, you have other options. Bridal boots often come with a mesh exterior (unlike a suede or leather finish on daily-wear boots) and look just as good with wedding gowns (if not better) than other shoes.

The Ideal Match: Belle

Statement Heels

Statement heels usually have a plain, silky satin finish with a big feature embellishment, like a lace flower or bow. Others may have a sheen of ivory with a cluster of pearls or stones, often in different colours to stand out from all the white.

The Ideal Match:

With a Front Tulle Bow: Hetty

With a Back Tulle Bow: Matilda Ivory

With a Stone-Encrusted Heel: Amy Ivory Blossom


T-Strap Heels

Close-toed heels are great, but you know what makes them better? A pointy toe with a T-strap going around the ankle. An embellished T-strap will add a little extra flair, especially if your dress has a sparkly element.

The Ideal Match: Carolina


Flat Pumps

Whether you just hate wearing heels, or your wedding is in the middle of a snowy ground, flat shoes are still an option. With lace or pearl-encrusted pumps, you’ll look just as good without wearing heeled shoes.

The Ideal Match:

With Decorative Ruching: Dulcie Ivory Satin

With Lace Finish: Fiona

The Verdcit

Make your big day even more special by selecting the shoes that make you feel beautiful, look beautiful, and don’t make your toes freeze. Also make sure not to sacrifice comfort in your wedding shoes! It's going to be a long day.

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